Recycling Instructions


Recycling Instructions

This page contains instructions for recycling at Whitman. Click here for detailed information on how the Whitman Recycling program works and what happens to the recycled materials. Click here to see other Whitman Sustainability Wiki information.

Whitman's Recycling Center accepts:

aluminum Empty and crush aluminum cans and remove grease and dirt from aluminum foil.

tin Empty, rinse, and crush tin cans. Labels do not have to be removed.

all plastics Empty, rinse, and crush all plastic packaging, including polyethylene bags. If possible, separate #1 and #2 from all other plastics.

all colors of glass Empty and rinse bottles and jars. Remove lids.

printing paper Only clean, dry paper can be recycled.

newspaper Only clean, dry newspaper can be recycled.

cardboard Only clean, dry cardboard can be recycled. Greasy pizza box bottoms cannot be recycled.

The Recycling Center, Science Building, and the Physical Plant have receptacles for used non-rechargeable batteries. NO acid-led batteries are accepted.

Tissue paper and napkins cannot be recycled and should be throw away with garbage. Small amounts of tissue paper can be composted at the Organic Garden compost.

Vegetable oil and cooking grease should be disposed of with the garbage, and not put into the sewer system.

For information about household electronics recycling, see Washington Department of Ecology external link: E-Cycle Web site.

Recycling in the dorms

If you live in a residence hall, you can place any of these items in your section's appropriate bins. The Outhouse residents volunteer to collect the recyclables on Sunday mornings.

Recycling in other campus buildings

Recycling bins are available in all campus buildings and facilities.

All academic buildings have bins for collecting paper, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard. Computer labs have trays for one-sided paper.

Sort recyclables according to the signage. Under no circumstances should garbage be thrown into the recycling bins. Bags of recyclables that are contaminated with non-recyclables are a hazard to the recycling staff and are discarded as garbage.

Recycling Center

Recycling Center is located behind the Outhouse on the corner of external link: Merriam St. and Boyer Ave. It is open every work day between 8am and noon.

Whitman faculty, staff, and students living off-campus are welcome to use the Recycling Center during the opening hours.

Contact Bob Biles to arrange for collection of used electronics that cannot be returned directly to the vendor. Cell phones and printer cartridges are collected downstairs at Reid by Campus Greens.

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RecyclingBob BilesRecycling Program Coordinator
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